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Your Time to Write Is NOW!

A story ticks inside you like a time bomb!

Is This You?

  • You know your story's plot
  • You know your characters like family
  • Maybe you've fleshed it all out in chapters
  • Or maybe it languishes in a pile of notes
  • But you need guidance on how to put it all together

The Solution?

As a freelance book editor and writing coach I can provide services to fit YOUR specific needs, such as:

  • You receive hands-on assistance from me personally (you are not shifted off to "staff").
  • I provide you with my confidential attention to your specific writing project.
  • An exclusive Write-As-We-Go program for those who prefer to pay as they go.
  • Check out my services and reasonable rates
ALSO AVAILABLE: Hands-on, online, interactive Writing Workshops

Fiction Editor
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Have a question?

E-mail me personally, so we can discuss your writing project.-- Sandra E. Haven, Fiction Editor and Book Coach

My Professional Editing Supports:

Your Story -- Your Vision -- Your Voice

Testimonials from Writing Clients
(click here to read about their book success stories):

"Sandra has helped edit several of my mysteries. Her suggestions and content edits have helped me enhance character tension, catch plot holes, tighten pace, and significantly improve my stories. I value her insight and highly recommend her services."

-- Susan Furlong, Illinois

"Sandra's advice in editing helped me a huge deal. She showed me how to keep ideas, characters and plots flowing from one book to the next, and all the while added new parts to the book - part which have become my favourite and made the novel far better.""

-- Lara Fanning, Australia

"You are so talented. I know it is your business after all, but I was so impressed with your suggestions with the horse book, and I told you then, too, but you just can see the picture and add just the right 'stuff.' Thanks so much."

-- Rose Miller, Arizona

"At a certain point I end up moving lines around on the page and get nowhere. I need a thought manager, a structural engineer, closet organizer, or someone. That's you. Thanks!"

-- Mark Clay Grove, Virginia

"I've read completely through your comments and suggestions several times and it all makes sense. I'm sure it will make the book more interesting. I made some changes based on your suggestions and opinions which I believe make the book much better for the reader. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into all my writings. Thanks for everything."

-- David Heben, Thailand

Editing Info and Fees

Anxious to get going?

Whether you plan a single book or have a series in mind, let me guide you on your writing journey.

Click here for more information on my services or click here to request the editing or assistance you want on YOUR story now.

Fiction Editor Click here to see a few of my clients' book successes and their endorsements.

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