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Exclusive Writing/Coaching Program:

Write As We Go

Want to write a novel? Have one started? Or finished?

If you want professional help at any stage in becoming a writer, consider my professional--yet personal--"Write As We Go" coaching program. With this approach you send me a segment of your novel-in-progress, you get back my suggestions that you can then apply to the next segment before you send it. Then you send that second chapter or segment and we do the same thing again. In the end, you'll have a stronger story, book or novel overall by us "working through" the book together.

Write As We Go -- and Pay As You Go!

If you are just starting your book, you can work at your own speed, knowing I'll help you through to the next chapters. You write as we go and you pay as we go, too!

  • NO long term commitments
  • NO contracts
  • Just send sections when they are ready and pay at that time.

Finished Novels Benefit Too!

If you have already finished your book, you can still use this method by just sending a segment at a time. You can consider my comments on that section before you send the next chapters. That way you strengthen the remainder before you send it! Send any size segment that works for your unique plot and for your budget.


Please email me FIRST to describe your project, its length and your needs, as I am often booked for some time in advance for taking on new clients. However, I can usually provide an initial edit (described below) in about a week. The info below describes the overall process.

How to Request an Initial Edit for:

  1. You Complete and Send My Request Form
    • This form gives me the basic info I need.
    • I prefer to use the Tracking or Revise feature in MSWord to mark suggestions on your file. If you are unfamiliar with that method, just click this link and ask me to email to you my one-page Revise/Tracking Sample file that you can use to actually try out this method for yourself. If you prefer another method, no problem; just let me know and we can use an alternative technique.
    • Send the opening up to about 3,500 words of your manuscript (to the end of a scene, chapter or segment, preferably in .doc or .docx format) attached to an email. If you aren't sure know how to send an attachment, just let me know and I'll step you through it.
    • My fee is 2 cents a word with a $45 minimum. Just multiply .02 by the number of words you are sending. For instance, if your chapter 1 ends at 2,800 words, times .02 = $56.00.
    • Only if you have it already, also attach any outline or synopsis as this will help me grasp where the story is heading. Don't worry about it being perfect�; I will only be reading it for my own reference.
    • You can pay with Paypal or through my secure Internet credit card provider or with a mailed check .
  2. I Acknowledge Your Request
    • I let you know I received your material
    • I give you an approximate time when I will have the sample done.
  3. You Get My Edit
    • I email you a detailed, specific and thorough edit of your sample file. I provide what is called a Substantive Edit. That means I address continuity, tone, characterization, setting, plot, marketability, etc. I do NOT offer copy edit services (for punctuation, grammar, etc.) however, I will mark any errors I see and discuss your issues in that area as needed.
    • I mark up your file as well as send a separate critique letter that explains the marks. Be prepared: this is usually a long letter, but I will be covering lots of info that you and I will then be able to use and build on as we continue later.
    • If, for some reason, I don't feel we are a match as writer/editor, I will tell you at this point. Some genres I simply don't edit, like horror, pure romance, and plots centered on graphic violence, so please don't send them. And occasionally I may feel a writer would benefit more from another editor. But I guarantee that you will have already gotten more than your initial fee's worth of solid and useful information.
  4. You Respond
    • You write back and tell me which of my ideas you particularly liked and if one did not work for you and why. That way I know how to best approach the next segment for the result you are seeking.
    • If you decide to make a change that will then influence the rest of the outline, let me know so I can adjust my copy too.
    • Ask any questions! I can't help you if you don't tell me what you need.
  5. You're The Boss!
    • Tell me approximately how many more words you want to send at a time and how often.
    • There is NO contract, NO commitment written in stone. I just appreciate at least a tentative schedule to be fair to all my other clients too.
    • Aren't sure how often you can send something? Tell me that too. In that case I will work your file in as soon as I can whenever you send it.
  6. We Are On Our Way!
    • We agree to a schedule plan and go from there!
    • You send a segment; I edit it; you tell me how my ideas are working for you; you send more, and we repeat the process, and before you know it, you have a finished book!
  7. Changes Along the Way
    • If you decide to extensively revise a chapter or scene we've already gone through and want me to re-review a segment, let me know. You would still use my 2-cent per-word fee when you send it. But I will track my time while reviewing it. If my hourly fee ($45/hour) is less costly for you, I'll offer you a credit towards your next submission.
  8. Afterwards
    • Need a query or synopsis to market your finished novel? These are pesky critters for any writer! And they are more labor intensive than writing or editing the book itself (both for you and for me!). Send me what you have and I can review/edit/revise these items at $45 per hour. Once I receive your file, I will give you an estimate of the time involved before I start on it, which you can approve before I begin.
    • Then start another book and I'll be there to coach you again!

Any questions? Write me, Sandra Haven, at Bristol Services Intl. by clicking

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