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Editorial Service and Coaching Programs
for Serious Writers

Ready to Take the Steps to Writing a Book
and Becoming a Published Writer?

If only you:
  • Knew who to ask about this . . .
  • Had a clue how to sort out that . . .
  • Had an honest and professional plot assessment . . .
  • Could find the encouragement to keep you motivated ...
  • Had an idea where to go next . . .
  • Or knew how to even get started!

This is what book editors do. Let me help you! I help writers with everything from basic answers to specific and detailed analysis; from hand-holding to whip cracking; and with an eye to understanding your unique style and protecting your special vision.

Three Levels of Professional Editing:

I hate websites that make you scroll forever to find the fees, don't you? Here are the basics and fees on each of my unique editing programs. Click the "more details" for a full explanation of each one.


  • For the serious writer with a distinct goal and/or deadline
  • Unlimited support (don't you love it!)
  • $179 a month retainer fee (includes 4 hours of editing, phone calls, whatever you need that particular month)
  • $35 an hour for editing or consulations over that 4 hours a month
  • Click here for more details


  • For the writer with a completed book that needs in-depth review
  • Send your entire book manuscript
  • Fee: 2-cents a word ($45 an hour for phone consultations)
  • Click here for more details


  • For the writer with no deadline
  • Send as much or as little as you wish at a time (we'll work out the timing to fit your needs and my schedule)
  • Write as you go - Pay as you go!
  • Fee: 2-cents a word ($45 an hour for phone consultations)
  • Click here for more details

Complete Confidentiality

I understand the necessity for holding all manuscripts in the strictest of confidence as proprietary information. I recognize that you have full ownership of and rights to your writing. Therefore, you are protected by all pertinent copyright laws to hold exclusive rights to market, sell or transfer your work. A signed Confidentiality Agreement can be mailed or emailed to you--simply request it when you fill out my form for any of my services.
-- Sandra E. Haven, Fiction Editor and Book Coach
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